Atlantic Relocation Systems is a True Relocation Specialist

Relocation Specialist

Relocation specialist is a title that should be reserved only for moving companies of a higher tier. It certainly does not constitute fly-by-night companies that use day laborers and substandard moving vehicles. Instead, it describes a moving company that employs highly trained relocation professionals that provide the utmost in customer service and utilize top-of-the-line moving trucks. At Atlantic Relocation Systems, we are proud to call ourselves relocation specialists. We can handle any type of moving situation from relocating the belongings of a small apartment to moving the property of a large business or warehousing complex and everything in between.

One main aspect that sets us apart as a true relocation specialist is our commitment to upholding high employment standards. All of the movers that we hire:

  • Are vetted through drug tests and extensive background checks, so you can have confidence that your move is in the hands of trustworthy professionals
  • Undergo proprietary training to equip them with the skills that are necessary to tackle virtually any moving situation with ease and precision
  • Use trucks that are equipped with features that help to ensure the safe loading, travel, and unloading of your belongings, such as lift gates, air-ride suspension, and more
  • Are supervised by a personal moving coordinator, who will ensure that they remain on schedule

As a relocation specialist, we know how important it is to provide great customer service. That’s why we offer free and accurate price quotes and give you a survey before the move, so we can tailor your relocation project to your unique wants and needs.

To learn more about what makes us a true relocation specialist, contact Atlantic Relocation Systems today.